Hiyawhatsup and Cosmic Youth

Hiyawhatsup and Cosmic Youth

As the Cosmic Council is meeting, a group of youth have gathered for a bonfire near Jupiter. They take turns looking at the earth through a high powered telescope. It seems sad that it is so far away. They sing songs about the earth and ponder how it might be possible to return there.

“Abandon the cosmos?”  Seems unbelievable, fantastic, weird.

Most of the earth is ocean now. People huddle together on parts of a large archipelago where the remaining cities have grown bigger and stronger. A new swamp grass called Hiyawhatsup has become the new go to drug, fueling wars as well as the engines of Cosmic asteroids. Banned by the Cosmos, it in fact makes up a large part of the economy. Illicit transit points on the moon lift the hiyawhatsup to every single asteroid in the Cosmos. Smugglers have long owned outlier asteroids, participating in Cosmic Council meetings and generally complaining if their neighbors are too loud. Money laundering, too, has flourished and indeed has its own stock exchange and bond market.

That being said, the young don’t much worry about what their parents are doing. Their jobs are to be beautiful and carefree, speeding in their spacecraft from asteroid to asteroid.

Some of them, however, have been invited to join Think Tanks. This is mostly so they can dive and swim to the amusement of the older folk, who spend long, ecstatic moments watching through thick panes of glass. Cosmic folk love their Think Tanks. They love them more than anything else, except money.  But they are willing to pay the kids.   That’s why they’ve made it tax deductible.