And then there are the drugs…

As the floods squeezed out the One percent towards their eventual homes in the Cosmos, a plant called hiyawhatsup overtook much of the arable land.   Not only did it create an excellent high when ingested, in small amounts, it gave a boost to the nuclear engines which powered the Cosmic asteroids.   Hiyawhatsup became the unofficial currency of the Cosmos.

Imagine the horror that rippled through the Cosmos when a small group of religious fanatics took over the great majority of Hiyawhtsup fields and replaced the plant with corn, wheat and sorghum.

Almost unanimously, the denizens of the Cosmos demanded the fields be reclaimed.  Unfortunately, they themselves had no stomach for actually reclaiming the fields on their own.  For this they needed surrogates, or a private army or a massive influx of drones.

Naturally, they attacked this problem the way they always did, by forming Think Tanks and hiring lobbyists to influence the politicians actively participating in the Galactic government headquartered on the Moon.