Earth’s Satellite

The moon at this time had become the halfway point between the Earth and the Cosmos.  All those aspiring to live out their lives on asteroids of their own more than likely find their way there.  The domed city of Toro had originally begun as a small outpost on the Sea of Tranquility for the brave souls wishing to push on into what then was uncharted space.  Hardy pioneers turned profit from interplanetary mining missions into huge, unimaginably architectures buildings freed from the demands of gravity.  Toro grew and then came sister city Lunatica and the underground marvel, Persephone.

Wealthy patrons founded museums and entrepreneurs opened posh restaurants.  Trading floors opened in the  financial district known as Torobulla.  Here began the funding of asteroids which pushed the lucky few into the fledgling Cosmos.   The handful of founders became thousands, then millions, then hundreds of millions.   Everyone on Earth aspired to travel to the Moon.

Lunatica sprung up as a suburb of Toro.  Long trains began taking the inhabitants into the city of Toro in the morning, then returning them back to their homes at night.  Lunatica had golf courses and riding stables and large skating rinks.   Some citizens of Lunatica daily made the long journey down to Persephone where secret computers did secret things.   The military had dug the tunnels which interconnected the innards of the Moon.   The asteroid engines were manufactured there.  The asteroids themselves, however, were deployed elsewhere,