It Begins with a Thought

It started with a thought.   In all earnestness, not a simple thought; rather, a complicated thought build on history and precedent.   Into this thought went hours of obsession, concentration, imagination.   It grew into a theory, a philosophy, a call to action.

She stayed up late as the thought crystallized into words typed on a screen.   At this point, she was still an ordinary being, not the queen she would become.   She was but a child of the Cosmos wishing to win back the earth for those deserving to return.   The question had always been how to spur the reclamation.

Like all great ideas, this one congealed in the gentle pounding of a warm shower.  Not an earthly shower, mind you, but a gravity defying box of water as commonly used in space.  She rinsed her hair and floated out into the spherical hallway, carrying the thought with the care one would take while handling an explosive device.  Because you could, and not just theoretically, use a thought to take down the entire Cosmic equilibrium.   Of this, she was sure.

And what she had conceived would implications far beyond anything she might have imagined.   She typed, furiously.  When the entire thought had been elucidated adequately and to her complete satisfaction, she hit “send” on the keyboard.

She sighed and called for Robot.

“I’m going to sleep now.”

She closed her eyes and the thought disappeared, replaced by ragged images of candy bars and a 1959 Chevy inexplicably speaking to her from a weird kind of train station.