Rama Lama Bin Bamboom

Rama Lama Bin Bamboom lives on an asteroid circling another asteroid.   Only the richest of the wealthier denizens of the Cosmos have the capacity to do this.   He rather fancies himself a goatherd, so he wanders about on an artificial landscape with his goats, followed by a multitude of syncophants.   His austere lifestyle includes a simple looking cave, extensively wired and maintained through a state of the art artificial intelligence computer.


Back on Earth, Rama Lama operates as a fully sentient hologram.   This way, disgruntled inhabitants of the third world can meet with him to discuss various and sundry ways of returning to a simpler life, where women are carted around in self driven boxes an thieves are processed through limb amputation machines.


Rama Lama Bin Bamboom is also known as a poet with several published volumes.  Visitors to his asteroid are subjected to long recitations which can last days, according to some sources.


Rama Lama Bin Bamboom sponsors many nefarious indiduals in their pursuit of narariousness.   Having aided the Yaquis in their successful toppling of the Councilarium, he simply expanded the business.  His private military company specializes in asymmetric warfare.   His brochures emphasize force multiplication using humans as weaponry.