Queen of the Cosmos: Egypt 23
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Maya and the Nice Lady

Standing with a pile of outgoing packages packages at UPS, there sat on the floor next to me a woman about my age, petting Maya, the owner’s ten year old dog.   I mentioned that my own dog was called Maya, named after the hotshot UConn Women’s basketball star, Maya Moore.  The woman smiled, and announced that if she had a dog, she would call it Condi, after Condoleezza Rice, a woman of strength and culture, who knew how to play classical piano. The name Condoleezza Rice naturally took me back to the 9/11 Commission hearings (doesn’t her name evoke this very same thought in every American’s head?) to the moment that Commissioner Richard Ben-Veniste asked Rice about the notorious memo handed president Bush on August 6, 2001.  Rice, then National Security Advisor, squirmed noticably when revealing the title of the neglected Presidential Daily Brief provided by the CIA, “Bin Laden poised to Attack United States.” Despite letting a highly […]

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Hiyawhatsup and Cosmic Youth

Hiyawhatsup and Cosmic Youth As the Cosmic Council is meeting, a group of youth have gathered for a bonfire near Jupiter. They take turns looking at the earth through a high powered telescope. It seems sad that it is so far away. They sing songs about the earth and ponder how it might be possible to return there. “Abandon the cosmos?”  Seems unbelievable, fantastic, weird. Most of the earth is ocean now. People huddle together on parts of a large archipelago where the remaining cities have grown bigger and stronger. A new swamp grass called Hiyawhatsup has become the new go to drug, fueling wars as well as the engines of Cosmic asteroids. Banned by the Cosmos, it in fact makes up a large part of the economy. Illicit transit points on the moon lift the hiyawhatsup to every single asteroid in the Cosmos. Smugglers have long owned outlier asteroids, participating in Cosmic Council meetings and generally complaining if their […]

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Some Guys are just Greedy

Some guys are just Greedy Buster Kapusta oversees a meeting of Asteroid representatives and is totally bored. The five members of the executive council-Eurotrash, Chinks, Russkies, Ragheads and Ebolese-are to him, very obnoxious. In his heart, Buster is an unfettered Republican, wishing to do away with all rules and regulations, however, when it comes to the council, he has to fight the urge not to force each and every one of the reps into a vise of his very own design. No, this won’t do. The Eurotrash are setting up their very own synthetic hiyawhatsup plant. The Chinks have been putting up so many asteroids, it’s blocking everyone’s view of the rings of Saturn. The Ragheads have been reproducing themselves to excess, sending out more space vehicles than anyone could handle. The Ebolese keep blocking electrical signals with their infernal radio stations. Finally, and worst of all, the Russkies have started to be the most popular kids in the Cosmos. […]

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